Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

Back in August we celebrated Addy's fifth birthday by going to Disney Land. Both girls were able to get full princess makeovers. Part of their makeovers were fabulous dresses. My thought was they could get the dress and then wear them again for Halloween. Fast forward a few months.. both girls are on board with wearing their pre-purchased dresses. Took the stress out of October for me.

We started our fall season by driving to Julian. We have driven though there, but never experienced more then some pie. Instead, this time we stopped at a local farm. We all painted little pumpkins (which later ended up getting washed off by an unexpected rainstorm). We played in the petting zoo. We were told we could pick up any of the animals. Next thing you know, our sweet animal lover, Alexa June is carrying a chicken around. That turned into Addy chasing chickens. It was a sweet moment. Next we visited the reptile show. The girls both enjoyed holding and playing with the snakes. Next was apple cider making. The girls had the opportunity to put apples in and stir the machine. It was pretty strong, but Alexa liked the flavor. After eating lunch in downtown Julian we came back to the farm for candle making and a hay ride. Then we stopped by the next door farm to pick apples and search for pumpkins. It was a great day.

Later in the month, Alexa had her Halloween piano recital. Since she was going to be Jasmine, she opted to play "A Whole New World," from Aladdin. She wore her full costume and did great. We are so proud of her. That same weekend we attended a Halloween party at our friends house. Everyone there was dressed. There were games, crafts and endless laughter. Definitely one we will remember.

On Halloween morning the girls got up early to get in costume. Addy was Ariel from the Little Mermaid. We opted to color her entire head red. She looked fabulous. The girls had a parade at school and then class parties. Justin and I rotated between their classes. It's nice having them in the same building, but it's still hard to juggle. After school the girls at their dinners in record speed. We then hurried out to tick or treat. We went through our neighborhood and the one next to ours. It lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Addy would walk into peoples homes when they opened their door. It was fun, but scary how comfortable she was with strangers. She enjoyed seeing so many of her classmates. Alexa was going for quantity. She was racing as fast and she could from house to house. I am not sure she enjoyed the scary parts of Halloween very much, but she enjoyed her treats.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More then the leaves changed...

What a crazy few months it has been. I am determined to keep writing stories for the girls to have as a scrap book if they ever want to look back on. Over the last few years I have felt the desire to work and have contribute to the family outside of the home. I knew I wanted to wait until both girls were at Sage and on a full day schedule. Starting in May I applied for 1 job with Justin's company. They hired me just to start my security clearance. Of the summer I didn't think much about it. Come August, another position posted. I applied, interviewed and got the job. They wanted me to start within a week. So we spent the last weekend of summer arranging child care, schedules and our new crazy life with two working parents. The girls started their first day of school. Addy started kindergarten and Alexa started second grade. It was a bittersweet day. My girls are growing up. They are happy, kind, smart and funny girls. I knew it would be one of the first (for Addy) and last days that I would get to walk them to Sage for awhile. I tried to really take it in, but it flew by. On their third day of school I woke them up, got them dressed, did their hair and then went to work. I cried the entire way there. Trying not to be red and crazy looking I had to suck it up and cover my face with fresh powder.

The girls started afterschool care a few days a week (only for 2 hours) and the have a part time Nanny two days a week as well. The arrangement so far had worked well. Addy has her moments where she is tired and just wants to go home and relax. Unfortunately that is not in our schedule for now. Alexa seems to be keeping up with the hustle and enjoying her new routine. Second grade has been a great year so far. Alexa enjoys being reunited with some of her kinder friends. She has made new friends and has a great teacher. She also enjoys the challenge of the academics. Being an early reader made Kinder and 1st grade a bit easy for her. Second grade offers new areas of learning and she loves it. Addy has made friends but also knows some of the kids from preschool, soccer and siblings of Alexa's friends. I think school is a lot of fun for her. She enjoys learning. I do think the academics are a bit more then she was expecting. She seems to be keeping up and always talks highly of her class family.

I am hoping I can soon start working earlier hours or more hours from home. My goal is to be able to be home with the girls in the afternoons. For now, we are sticking with out schedule until we can find a better balance. What a change it have been the last two months. Soon it will feel normal... I hope.