Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer Goals

Each year I try to plan ahead on what will make summer break the most memorable and meaningful for the girls. As usual I have some academics planned. This is usually reading, writing, flash cards  and some Kumon books. The girls enjoy completing these and negotiating rewards for their sticker charts. This year I wanted to push them a bit further. I had each girl come up with 3 personal goals. I gave some ideas but in the end the goals were theirs. For accountability I am posting them below.
Addison's Goals
1. Learn to ride her bike without training wheels
2. Learn to swim in the deep end
3. Learn to read

These are some ambitious goals but I am happy she is dreaming big. Her first update: After 2 weeks of summer Addy has been going without training wheels around the block. She needs some help with sharp turns and getting started. So far so good. Swimming is making progress as well. She still has work to do. Reading is also improving. It will be her toughest goal.

Alexa's Goals
1. Back walkover
2. Running a 5k 

She hasn't come up with a third goal. I am hoping she will as the summer continues. Her back walkover is a big goal, but she can get them. Alexa and I have started the couch to 5k training program together. So far we are half way through week 4. Our race is scheduled for August 19th! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Farewell Preschool

After seven years of having a child in preschool/daycare the day has come where they are moving on. I cannot believe Addison preparing for kindergarten. She has spent three years in preschool at three different schools. This of course was not the plan. The school she started in was located in La Jolla where we used to live. When we moved to Carmel Valley, Addison moved to Solana Beach Presbyterian Preschool. Although the school did have a lot of benefits to it, it was not the best fit for Addison. We decided for her last year of preschool she would move to Horizon Prep. We felt Horizon gave her more opportunities for growth and will give her the extra help to get her ready for kindergarten at our accelerated elementary school. 

During this last year, Addison has grown so much. She has matured beyond what I thought was possible for her. She enjoys Spanish class, music class, eating lunch at school (this is new) and then moving into a full day schedule. She spent about 5 and a half hours a day at school. This has been great for both of us.Her personality has come out in the last few months. She is quite the leader and enjoys on stage. Her enrichment teachers always give us great reviews on her behavior. Her Spanish teacher told us that Addison has a heart for the Lord. I truly feel Addison is ready to start kindergarten in a few months. If anyone is not ready, it's this Momma. SO proud of where our peanut is going in life.