Friday, September 1, 2017

First day of School

Addison started back at school first. She is starting a new school for the third year in a row. Unfortunately the school we had her in last year was not the best fit for her. I felt she needed more structure and more academic focus to get her ready for kindergarten (or Transitional Kindergarten if he decide to hold her). Addison is now going to school at our church. The school has preschool through 12th grade. It's a fantastic school and we are even considering moving Alexa there at some point. For now, Addison is in the pre-k program with the intent of sending her to Alexa's public school next year.

Addison's school has cute uniforms. Addison wasn't excited about them at first, but now knows they means it's a school day and she doesn't complain. They also make our mornings a bit easier. Addison's class has 16 kids in it with two teachers. She LOVES her teachers as well as her best friend named Danica. It was a huge relief that she took to school so easily. We have only received positive feedback from her teachers. Addison is also eating lunch at school everyday. The last two years she has had a few lunches at school but not consistently. This year she packs a snack and a lunch. I like the independence it is teaching her. It should also make the transition into kindergarten a little easier. She has learned the pledge of allegiance and several other fun facts (like how many bones cats have).

The only complaint from Addison is that she is one of the first to leave each day. The school options are until 12:30 or 2:30. I opted for the 12:30 pick up since she is now going 5 days (compared to 3 days last year). However, I made a deal with her that if she stops having accidents then she can stay all day. Win-win?

Alexa started this week. She found out her teacher name and the kids in her class a few days prior. I could tell she had some mixed feelings. This is her first year at the same school back to back years. She ended up with one close friend in the class, 1 child who challenges her academically (she likes this) and 2 others she wasn't friends with from her kindergarten class. She had 6-8 good friends from kindergarten and has hoping more of them would have been in her first grade class. She was very excited to be back on the first day. She has been playing with her friends from last year, but also starting to make new friends. Her class has two new students. One of them lives in our neighborhood. We have already had one play date and have a second one planned. Not a bad first week.

I cannot believe my girls are at school everyday. I am a bit lost but finding my new identity. Overall I am just happy that the girls are happy, healthy and thriving.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Addison Alena age 4

My baby is 4!!!! What a year its been for our Addy-Lu. The early part of the year Addison went through behavioral testing. She was diagnosed with anxiety as well as a sensory processing disorder. One day at a time we learned what this meant and how to best help our peanut. Addison went through OT (currently still does it twice a month), speech therapy and a behaviorist. Since she had so much happening all at once its hard to say what had the biggest impact. What I do know is that my stressed, frustrated and unhappy little girl learned how to enjoy life. She blossomed into a sweet and kind child that is able to have FUN For the first time in her short life. The pain of watching your child struggle (even in small ways) is more then I could have ever imagined. Hearing Addison say, I don't know how to have fun, made my heart skip a beat. The challenges of last year are something I never expected but being on the outside of it, I look back in awe. Addison today is a completely different child then she was a year or two years ago.

We have always loved her with all our hearts. But to see her HILARIOUS personality come out, is a dream come true. My little girl is full of love and a caring heart. She has more friends then I could have ever prayed for. Addison loves to play sports, sing and dance. She is quickly learning how great school is. She is learning basic math and beginning to read. Her future looks bright and I am blessed to have a front row seat of everything she will accomplish in her life.

I certainly don't want to sugar coat where we are at today. Addison still has her struggles. Some things are just harder for her. We are working the best we can to help where needed. Right now we are focused on confidence building and problem solving as well as handling her anxiety. Her very strong willed personality can be an accent in the future... for now its a bit of a challenge, but one I will gladly face over and over again.

My hope for Addison is that she knows how much her Momma loves her and will always do whatever it takes for her to learn her possibilities are endless. Bring on age 4!