Sunday, August 31, 2014

Farewell August

I took a blink and another two weeks have flown by. Alexa's new routine is going at full force. Her new school is a true blessing. Her teacher is everything I would want in a teacher for my girls. She runs on a very consistent schedule and is very nurturing. Two things Alexa thrives on. Her teacher told us Alexa is academically strong and fitting in great. It was a huge relief for me to hear this. Alexa was one of only a few to get all her sight words correctly & will be with a small group that are ready for a reading group. I hope she always keep such a passion in learning.

Alexa started AWANA this month too. AWANA is a Sunday night church program to help learn scripture and bible stories. She looks so cute in her little vest. The first week she thought it was silly that she was wearing "play clothes" to church. Alexa has 8 more weeks of swim lessons before her winter break & then gymnastics once a week. She still has lots of down time at home. I think she has a good balance and seems to be a happy kid.

We are enjoying her last month as a 3 year old, or as Alexa would say 3 and a half.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh Nuts!

Addison's blood work came back with a positive result for a peanut allergy. I really felt Addison had an allergy of some sort. I was however quite shocked that it ended up being peanuts. Since she is only 1 year old she has not had much direct contact with peanuts. I guess it's a blessing that it was found before she had a bad reaction to them. The allergist appointment was very informative for me. Here are some things I found out:

  • Addison has ~20% chance of out growing her allergy
  • Addison has ~20% chance of having more allergies
  • Addison should avoid high allergy foods (eggs, nuts, fish etc.)
  • Addison will have allergy tests done once a year
  • At 2 years old the allergy test will include all environmental factors (pets and outdoor)
  • We will carry an EPIPEN JR. with us at all times
  • If Addison has a reaction requiring the Epipen then we call 911 immediately following the administer of the medicine
  • If Addison has a reaction to of any sort between now and next year we will visit the allergist early

Outside of the above information nothing will really change with Addison. We will watch out for signs of reaction and make sure people around her are aware of the allergy. She was weighed in at 19lbs 8oz. Not sure if their scale was accurate or not. If it is then she gained a lot of weight 19 days.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of school!

Our last week of summer came and went in a blink of an eye. We went to the water park, zoo, swim lessons & got Alexa's backpack all ready for school. At the water park, Alexa rode the big tube slide with both myself and Justin. Normally she only does it once before she decides it's too scary to try twice. This weekend she enjoyed it twice. :) Justin and I both enjoy the bigger slides so we are always happy when Alexa agrees to ride with us. Addison enjoys floating in the lazy river and scooting around the baby pool.

On Sunday we returned to our church. Both girls enjoyed the morning Sunday school time. Justin had school work to do so I took the girls alone to the evening service. Addison once again did great in the nursery. Alexa had a good time in her last day of Vacation Bible School. Unfortunately when it ended she didn't want to leave. I am still working on figuring out what triggers her rare meltdowns and what is the best way to get us both through them.

Monday was our last official day of summer. We started out early heading to the zoo. It was fun getting there while it was still only 90*. We mostly played in the splash pads. We saw our favorite animals and had a snack before it was time to head out to swim lessons. Alexa is finishing up her private lessons this week. When she started  swimming she was at a beginner preschool level. Her instructor (the director of aquatics) suggested she join the starfish class next month. This is the third level of preschool swimming. I was really excited to hear she was ready for it. I think she will enjoy swimming more with other kids her age instead of just the one on one she does with me or her instructor.

Monday night we went to Alexa's new school to meet her teacher (again). She was very excited and didn't want to leave. The school gave us a lot of information to help with her first day. Alexa didn't ask a lot of questions but she looked around and tried out all the new toys.

Tuesday morning was Alexa's big day. She woke up early and ran into our room saying, "it's school day." She then fell back to sleep between us. We forced her to take the traditional first day of school photos before Addison and I dropped her off. She went into school with no fear and had a great first day.

I am very proud of Alexa and cant wait to see how much she learns and matures this year. Even though I miss her for all three hours she is gone. Addison and I are going to enjoy lots of bonding time this fall before even more changes happen next year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ohio Vacation

We arrived in Ohio or should I say Indiana after a long 3 hour flight. I have been dreading the flight alone with both girls since we booked it. I am glad we were able to have the extra time but it was a daunting task to get there. Both girls did surprisingly well on the flight. They both ate, played a little bit, went potty & then slept. We arrived in Indiana safely. We then had a three and a half hour drive to Grammie's house. This proved to be the bigger challenge. Again, the girls eat and slept. Once we arrived the girls had a great time with Grammie, Aunt Heather and Jackson. Alexa and Jackson jumped on the trampoline and played on the swing set. Addison did a little bit of playing outside but mostly enjoyed the indoor toys. Once we arrived at Aunt Megan's house the girls were WIDE AWAKE! The time change was the hardest part of traveling for them. The first night they were up until 1130. This gradually got easier as the week went on.

The next day we attend church with Megan, Matthew and Katelyn. Alexa had lots of fun and Addison survived the entire hour in the nursery (this wasn't the case last year). In the afternoon we met up with PaPa & Ms. Barb as well as Meg, Brandon  & Sebastian. The kids played in a giant indoor play yard for a few hours. They never tired... unlike the adults.

On Monday we went out to eat with Tom & Mary and the Falconieri Family. Alexa did great not sitting next to me. This is one of the first times she sat away from both Justin and I at a nice restaurant. I am glad to see she can be trusted. Addison enjoyed listening to herself echo and dropping food on the floor. I let her try a straw with water for the first time. She was able to suck it up and swallow without losing the water in the straw. It was crazy to see! She has turned into a great eater and drinker. :)

On Tuesday I woke up feeling sick. I ended up with mastitis. Steve took me to the urgent care to get antibiotics. The illness really ruined the day but I am glad it only lasted 1 day. Megan was a HUGE help to me. I don't know what I would have done if I had to take care of the girls while being so sick.

Wednesday we were able to have our scheduled day with GB. It started out with homemade french toast at GB's house. I am always nervous on what Alexa will eat or not eat when we are out. She surprised us all and ate a ton of french toast. She asked for it for many days after that. We then went to the Reds/Diamondbacks game downtown. We parked in Kentucky and walked over the bridge. It was a beautiful day for the hike. The girls did great but did get bored with the game. We made it through the 6th inning just after the Diamondbacks scored a 2 run home run. They went on to win! After the game we drove to see GB's new house. The girls slept the entire time but I really enjoyed being able to walk into a 3D blueprint. It was really neat to see the wall going up literally around us. That night GB made us and Aunt Maggie dinner. It was a great day!

Thursday started the adventures of the wedding. Alexa, Megan and I all got our nails done together. Alexa was so surprised that the person doing her nails was a boy. She enjoyed every bit of it & then went off to play with her cousins. Luckily the girls got to bed a little bit earlier this night so we could be a little rested before the busy weekend began.

On Friday, Addison and I drove to the nail place to meet up with Maggie, GB and the bridesmaids. Addison was a little loud but overall a good baby for a nail salon. She played in the pedicure tube as I was getting my toes painted. Yes, it's as gross as it sounds. Megan and Alexa showed up shortly after and we were heading back to get ready for the rehearsal. Alexa was super pumped up at this point. She did great following instructions and practicing for the wedding. Even at dinner she was a very well behaved 3 1/2 year old. Addison on the other hand was not ready to be cooperative. She gave Steve a run for her money. Once the rehearsal was over Justin arrived. I was re-leaved that reinforcements have arrived. What I wasn't prepared for was Addison's desire to be held by only be. She made it one tough dinner, but then she fell asleep. We were able to enjoy the last 30 minutes or so before we left exhausted.

Saturday was sooo much fun but almost a blur. We drove downtown early enough to make our 11am hair appointments. Of course we had some delays getting the car unloaded and the kids inside so we were a little late. Justin had the task of getting to the room with all the stuff and taking care of Addison while I took Alexa with me. Alexa and I had a great time getting pampered. Looking back I should have put our hair up instead of the mostly down hair we went with. We had some stressed as it fell out throughout the day. Alexa did not enjoy having to be careful with her hair but once she started getting compliments I think she was ok. After hair it was make up and then getting dressed. From there it was pictures and time to go. Addison had a rough time being out of her element. She spent the day with Justin and then Mary. She attended a little bit of the reception and then headed to bed. Alexa did amazing through the ceremony. She sprinkled her flowers and then did a "Let it go" throw at the end. I loved it! Her evening got even better once the dance floor opened up. She danced until she fell asleep on the reception chairs at 1030pm. The next day she asked me if she could stay up all night again.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed back to Megan's house. Alexa went to church while Justin and I set up for the girls party. Alexa picked a unicorn themed birthday party for her and Alexa.  Great- Grandma & and Grandpa, Grammie, Papa & Ms. Barb, Paw Paw & Maw Maw and Caleb, Tom and Mary and of course the Falconieri's were all there. Alexa and Matt did a version on Pin the Horn on the Unicorn as well as a pinata. I think it went well. Alexa LOVED being song to and enjoyed her cupcake. Addison did not eat her cake. Oh well!

Monday was spent with Great- Grandpa & Great- Grandma. The girls enjoyed a quiet lunch and then we went to a splash pad. Addison crawled around a little bit and then played in the shade. Alexa enjoyed the water sprayers and then go pushed on a swing by Ms. Barb. That night we met up with the Falconieri Family for dinner. The kids were really rowdy. I think we all decided we are done with eating out for awhile. It was too exhausting.

On Tuesday we spend another afternoon/evening at GB's house. GB and Aunt Maggie threw the girls a Sheriff Callie birthday party. GB did a great job on the cake. Alexa was very pleased with it. Addison enjoyed playing with her cousins new puppy. I think she was just after the food. GB and Aunt Maggie both took some great pictures of the girls. It was a fun ending to a busy few weeks.

Wednesday was the day we were heading home. I was ready to get home to some quieter times but sad to be leaving all of our family. The flight home was much harder than the one coming. However I have learned to not care as much on what people think and just try to keep the kids as calm as I can. Once we landed and felt the warm Arizona air, life was good. We are not sure when we will be back to Ohio but we made lots of memories on this trip.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

1 Year Old

My baby is no longer a baby! Addison Alena is officially 1 year old.

Addison weights 18lbs 7oz and is 29 inches tall. I always refer to her as my "little baby." This is the first well visit check that Addison out weighed her tiny older sister. She is now 2 oz and 2 inches bigger than Alexa was at 1 year old. Addie's head has always measured larger (99 percentile) so there has never been any competition there. I am anxious to see if she continues to be "bigger" or if it's just a small growth spurt. We even got a comment a few days ago that she was a big baby. I think it must just be me holding her that makes her look so big. She is still a tiny thing.

Addison is still nursing a few times during the day and before bed. She takes whole milk willingly and has 1-2 bottles of toddler milk a day. I will probably stop nursing closer to Christmas if she was not before then. Until then we are just going to go with the flow. Addison eats 3 full meals a day and 2 snacks. She prefers adult type food over the kid stuff (chicken/ fish sticks). She also love her fruit. She started out eating veggies like a champ. Recently she has discovered that there are better tasting foods and she has refused veggies. I will not have 2 picky eaters so we offer lots of veggies. I think her favorite food is still cat food. We keep it on the counter as much as possible. She does however get some leftover crumbs and gets really excited to hide it from us. Silly girl!

 Addison is a huge babbler. When you talk to her she responds in her own way. Something things will come out of her mouth that sound just like real words. We can get her to repeat some words. Addison has also enjoyed making her vouch echo. She tries out her voice in new areas to see if she can get an echo. If she can, then she keeps going. Usually it's in the most inappropriate places that she tends to get the best echo (church, public buildings, elevators). It's hard to not giggle at her but I really do get embarrassed with her loud noises.

Addison crawls around like a champ. She has gotten really fast & even crawls faster than my normal walking pace. At this exact moment she is crawling over her sisters stomach. She can take steps around furniture but does not walk with our hands or by herself. Since she was a late crawler I am not really surprised she isn't walking yet. Her Daddy didn't walk until he was 15 months old! Addison likes to play with the ball popper the best. She also enjoys her musical toys and anything her sister is playing with.

Sleeping is still Addison's least favorite activity. She naps one time a day for 1-2 hours total. She goes to bed between 7 and 730 and wakes up around 6-630. She still wakes up about one time a night. Occasionally she will sleep through the night and even less frequently she will wake up 2-3 times. This is one area where I am reminded no matter how much my parenting stays the same, the girls different personalities come shinning though.

Addison has become the happiest and sweetest girl. She has the most precious giggle and I hope she never outgrows it.