Addison Alena

We had our weekly OB appointment on Monday. Addison's heart rate was good and in her normal range. We did find out I was group B strep positive. This meant I would need 4 hours of antibiotics before I delivered or Addison would need antibiotics after birth. My blood pressure was the highest it has ever been. My doctor had me lay on my side and we continued on with the appointment. After everything was measured and questions were answered my blood pressure was taken again. It was only 1 point above the safe zone. We discussed rather it was concerning or not. Basically it was decided that it was something to watch but nothing more at that time. The doctor told me if I had any headaches to call right away & we were on our way.

The rest of the work week was normal. On Wednesday I was given a gift card from my co-workers. Thursday I left work with every intention of return for 1 more week. My boss joked with me on the way out saying I was not to have the baby while he was on vacation. Haha, if only we would have known in less than 24 hours I would be on my way to the hospital.

Friday morning started out normal. I got up before Alexa and Justin. I ate breakfast and searched for new beds on my computer. Around 7 am  I went upstairs to check on Alexa. She was still asleep so I laid down with her. At 8 am we woke up and I did not feel good. I wrote it off to just normal pregnancy aches and pains. Alexa had her breakfast and then we sat and watched Mickey Mouse. Around 11 am I was nauseous and started having blurry vision. I tried to get a hold of Justin and then decided I would take a bath. I got a hold of Justin around noon & told him to come home. When he arrived I got out of the bath (which Alexa joined me in) and laid on the bed. We decided to call the doctor. The nurse told me to come in. I decided to pack our hospital bags, Alexa's weekend bag and all the extras I wanted to have with me. We got to the doctor's around 1 pm and my blood pressure was 129/ 101. I normally have very low blood pressure so this was concerning. I laid on my left side and my blood pressure was taken again about 30 minutes later (121/80). I was still feeling sick so the doctor decided her options were either bed rest until I went into labor or deliver. She decided it was not worth risking mine or the babies health to continue the pregnancy, so she sent us the hospital.

I immediately attempted to get a hold of Rebecca (Alexa's babysitter) and was unsuccessful. I panicked and called a few other friends. Fortunately Rebecca called me back and we were able to drop Alexa off at her house. She was really excited about being there. It made it easier on Justin and I to go.

We stopped at Wendy's on our way to the hospital because I knew I would not be allowed to eat. The doctor told me not to eat, but I did not want to be miserable all evening. We arrived at the hospital at 330 with 2 duffle bags in tow. We got to our super awesome labor room (handicap room). It took the next hour to get everything checked in and set up. At 515 pm my antibiotics was started. At 530 a very low dose of pitocin was started. My OB checked me and I was still 4 centimeters. At 730 I was still 4 centimeters and the contractions were coming more regular.

850pm the delivering doctor arrived and checked me. I was 5-6 centimeters dilated and she decided it was time to break my water. As soon as she did the contractions picked up instantly. The pain was one of the worst in my life. Justin ran out of the room and asked the nurse to turn off the pitocin until I could get an epidural. They turned it off and the contractions became a bit more controllable. At 950 my epidural was put in and the pitocin was moved until to 3 ML/ hour. At 1010 I was 8-9 centimeters dilated. Around 1040 Addison's heart rate started dropping. Two nurses helped me get on my knees and hands. Addison's heart rate picked up a little and the doctor decided it was time to push. The nurses helped me back on my back and the room was set up for delivery. I pushed holding my own legs back 3 counts of ten with each contractions. 5-6 contractions later Addison was born with the cord around her neck. She came out with a full of head of hair.

Addison was on my chest right after birth while they were cleaning her up. She had some trouble maintaining her body weight and had to spend some time in the warmer. We tried some skin on skin but she still had a low temp (96*). After an hour of warming she was doing better. Around 2 AM we were moved to our Mother/Baby unit room. The next several hours were filled with constant vital checks, nursing and skin to skin.

The two days at the hospital were spent getting all of Addison's newborn tests done, talking with lactation consultants, and visiting with my parents. Addison lost 6% of her body weight (normal weight loss is 6-10%) and regained 3/10th of an ounce before we left the hospital. It was a busy few days and really enjoyable. Alexa did fantastic meeting her new sister. We were released from the hospital on Monday morning.

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