Thursday, May 31, 2018

Field Trips

As most things in the girls lives, they both had field trips the same week. Addison's was first. It was to Helen Woodward. It is conveniently located right next store to the preschool. Addison always wants to visit the animals and knew her school would be going at some point during the year. The day of the field trip arrived and Addison was very excited. Her class walked over to the animal center. They were able to see a bunny, miniature horse and parrot. Addison enjoyed holding the parrot but the bunny was her favorite part. It was a cute introduction to what field trips will be like next year.

Alexa's field trip was the second day. I was chosen to join her class on the field trip. It started out as they usually do on the bus. Each parent was assigned 4 kids to keep track of. After a science lesson we were given full range of the museum. Keeping tabs on 4 kids who have 4 different ideas of where they should go was quite the challenge. Alexa and I enjoyed some time together but also with the group. At one point I could not find Alexa. She ended up finding a book and went behind an exhibit to read. After the museum we all ate lunch around the fountain. I am grateful I was able to go and that Alexa still enjoys me doing things with me.