Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

Our Easter holiday lasted two days. On Saturday morning the girls and I did an egg hunt with friends from Horizon. Alyssa, Makaio, Genevie & Gabriel were there. The park divided the kids by age. This was the best egg hunt I have ever been to. Every child left with 50+ eggs. There was certainly no shortage. There were also egg dying, face paint, jumbo bikes and tons of other things. We had a wonderful time with our school friends. Later that day we went to the botanic gardens for the Easter festival. The girls were all dressed up and excited to celebrate with Emily & Julia. They had a petting zoo, face paint, tons of crafts, plants to pot and then the bunny parade. After the event at the botanic gardens we went out to eat with the Partello's. It was a wonderful day. I am glad we have now been in San Diego long enough to have traditions. Hopefully we will go back again next year for our third year with our first California friends.

On Easter morning the girls woke up and ran downstairs for their egg hunt. They both had so much fun and even shared nicely. I was able to film the entire thing to capture their cute responses to the eggs. After the egg hunt we went to church which again was outside at the Mesa College stadium. The girls sat very well through the service. We were more prepared this year and had blankets to keep comfy and things to entertain the girls when they lost interest in the service. They both really enjoyed the music. After the service we ran down to the field and participated in the egg hunt. The church also handed out their series of children books. They are a nice addition to our collection. It was a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Potty Training

Our peanut is officially potty trained. I cannot believe how quickly it happened. We waited until 2 1/2 for a few reasons. She hasn't shown any interest or sign of being ready prior to this time. We also knew she has to be fully potty trained before she starts 3 year old preschool in August. So this seemed liked our best time. The first day I pulled out the little potty and we had one success. I didn't ask her to go or even mention it. A week went buy and Addison didn't touch the potty. After a week, we finally had a weekend we planned on staying home. I took off Addison's diaper when she woke up and showed her the potty. I basically left the potty in front of the TV for 2 days straight. She used it several times and only had 1-2 accidents a day. So far so good! We even brought the potty to church and she had successes there. On Monday we had an accident free day. Tuesday she went to school and refused to use their kid size potty. Wednesday we had a good day at home, Thursday all accidents at school. By Friday Addison was willing to try the big potty but with a kid round seat on it. She used both the travel potty and large potty with the ring that weekend. The second Monday we were accident free again. Tuesday she went to school and decided the potties were no longer scary. She hasn't had an accident at school since. At home we have 1 accident every few days. I do not ask her to use the potty unless we are getting ready to leave the house or if it's nap/bed time. She now prefers the large potties without any kid ring. We do bring the travel potty in the car in case we are not near a restroom. This girl has rocked it in the last month. We are so proud of her. She is very proud of herself as well. She still wears a diaper at night because 12 hours is a long time and she hasn't woken up dry yet. However 1 diaper a day is just not a big deal to me at her age.