Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Behaviorist Graduation

Addison has been seeing a behaviorist since October. Our weekly visits to Susan have been amazing. We have learned to identify Addison's behavior that are caused by sensory imbalances and which ones are just normal 3 year old behavior. This has allowed us to learn how to respond to her. Not only has it made parenting easier, it has also helped Addy learn boundaries. Since she doesn't get away with some behaviors she used to, she is a much happier kid. 

Susan taught Addy and I proper disciplinary actions as well as strategies to coop with the sensory side. Her guidance and wisdom will never be forgotten. 

Susan and Addy created a very special bond over the last six months. Addy looked forward to seeing her and telling her about her week and any "big feelings" that arose since our last visit. They spend an hour a week playing games, exploring the doll house and checking on her animals at the vet. I believe Addy looked at this time like an other play date.

On Addy's last day, Susan brought cupcakes, connect 4 and a stuffed kitty cat. The gifts were exactly what Addy would have picked out if she did it herself. It just solidified how well Susan knows Addy.

We will miss our Tuesdays but know Susan is off helping the next child.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Break

Spring break started with a short visit from Nana. The girls enjoyed swimming, going to build a bear and seeing the movie Boss Baby. Pepere was even able to join us for one night. Addy was extra excited to see him. Once they left, Justin also left for a drill weekend.

The girls and I started our few days alone. We went to Legoland for the first time in 16 months. We enjoyed riding some of the larger rides that Addy was unable to do the last time we were there. Later in the week we went again with Fiona, Kate & Gregory. Alexa and Gregory were able to ride a few rides without having an adult with them. They really enjoyed that. Addy and Kate enjoyed driving school together. At the end of the week we went to Legoland for a third time with Justin. We enjoyed some fun family time.

Easter weekend came at the end of our week. On Good Friday we went to church. On Saturday Papa & Ms. Barb joined us at the neighborhood egg hunt. Both girls came home with tons of eggs and balloon animals. Alexa also had her face painted into a butterfly. Later that day we went to Pacific Beach and got Italian ice. Easter morning the girls did their annual egg hunt through the house before we all went to church. After church we had brunch at a yummy restaurant before our visitors left.

As always I was sad to send the girls back to school. Only 2 more months until summer break.